All India Kisan Sabha

AIKS Condemns Repression Unleashed on Farmers at Shambhu Border

Make Grameen Bharat Bandh and Strike on 16th February a Huge Success

Expose the Anti-Farmer Repressive Face of Narendra Modi-led BJP Government

The All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) condemns the violent repression unleashed on farmers marching to Delhi at Shambhu Border and other places. The use of drones to throw teargas, the concrete barricades, rubber bullets, huge iron spikes on the roads and the indiscriminate arrests of farmers and leaders exposes the barbaric face of the BJP Government led by Narendra Modi. The use of drones to drop tear gas on farmers shows the extreme vengeance that this BJP Government holds for the farmers of our country.

The AIKS warns the BJP Government to desist from such attacks on the democratic right to protest. AIKS will join in unity with all democratic forces as well as the Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) and the Joint Platform of Central Trade Unions (CTUs) to resist such repressive measures. AIKS demands release of all arrested leaders and an immediate end to repression.

AIKS calls upon all its units to redouble efforts to rally farmers and workers as well as all democratic sections on 16th February across the country by also prominently taking up a campaign on the repression unleashed along with other issues of the struggle. The incessant protests by farmers and workers are a result of repeated betrayals by Narendra Modi and the BJP Government. The move by the BJP Government to unleash violence on farmers is a sign of desperation. It is a clear sign that their divisive efforts of communal polarisation are being rebuffed by the farmers, workers and masses of our country. Its efforts to divert attention from people’s problems and livelihood issues, unemployment, poverty, and hunger through communal polarisation and hate campaign is clearly failing. It is due to their sense of fear of the people’s unity that they are reacting in such a repressive manner.

AIKS would like to point out that their efforts to use corporate media spending crores on advertisements to paint the Government in good light cannot hoodwink the people any longer. They know that each one of Modi Ki Guarantee is a farce and the BJP Government has failed to deliver on all fronts. AIKS calls upon all sections of society to rise up for our rights, to resist corporate loot, resist communal venom and attacks on democracy as well as the Indian Constitution. This is a struggle to Save India. Let us all unite and fight; let us give this Government a fitting rebuff on 16th February and in the forthcoming Parliamentary elections.


Ashok Dhawale

Vijoo Krishnan
General Secretary