Shimla 20 August – Health and Family Welfare Minister Colonel Dr. Dhaniram Shandil met the family members of those who lost their lives in the Shiv Bawri accident in Samarhill today and expressed deep condolences towards them.

Dr. Shandil met the family of Amit Thakur who lost his life in this accident and tied them up. He said the tragedy was extremely tragic in which many people lost their lives and many families lost loved ones. He said the rain hasn’t stopped yet so need to be alert now.

After this, he visited the house of Sanju Thakur who lost his life in the accident and met his father Mohan Thakur and consoled him too.

The Health and Family Welfare Minister also met the family members of Neeraj Thakur who was missing in this accident and encouraged them. He said that the state government stands with him in this moment of sorrow. He said so far 17 bodies have been found with debris at the scene and efforts are being made to find the rest.

During this time, the cabinet minister also visited the area and directed the district administration to reiki the scene of the scene to keep people safe from any potential threat here in the coming days. Additionally, they visited the forest department officials to assess potentially threatened trees and instructed them to cut down early.